Top Tories Call for snap Brexit General Election!

Senior Tory MPs are said to be urging the PM to go for a snap General Election in order to head off the threat of a no confidence motion.


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With the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, due to give a Robin Hood style speech later today, about the opportunity that a General Election would give for the taking from the Tory rich and giving to the Labour poor, senior Tories are saying that the PM should take the bull by the horns and go for a snap general election.

One of them, Brexiteer Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith, told the Sun that:

“If a confidence vote is called, an option for the PM is to call an immediate vote for a General Election instead.

“For the Labour party to refuse that would mean a total loss of face, and we would win that Election, as it would be fought on who governs Britain and saving Brexit.”

According to reports, Jeremy Corbyn will give a speech in Corby today where he will say that a general Election would give his party the opportunity to deliver a revolution in British politics.

It would offer a “once-in-a-generation chance for a real change of direction, potentially on the scale of 1945 or 1979”, he is due to say, as well as: “We will rebuild our public services by taxing those at the top to properly fund services for everyone.”

My view is that, once he’s cleared out the coffers in the mansions he will then have to start delving into the hovels of the minions to keep his hard left dream alive. Because socialists always run out of other people’s money in the end and turn from being a Robin Hood into a common or garden burglar – but isn’t it strange that those at the top in socialist regimes never go poor or hungry themselves?

Anyway, responding to the pre-release of Corbyn’s speech, James Cleverly MP, the Conservative Party Chairman, said:

“Jeremy Corbyn has done all he can to frustrate delivering on the referendum result.

“This is a cynical attempt to seize power by a man who would wreck the economy, is soft on crime and won’t stand up for Britain. All Jeremy Corbyn offers is more dither and delay.

“Only Boris Johnson and the Conservatives can provide the leadership Britain needs and deliver Brexit by 31 October, whatever happens.”

But back to the question of a general Election.

Corbyn has made it crystal clear that he wants to leave the EU with a Labour Party negotiated full customs union deal with the EU. Before then stripping anyone with money of their hard earned dosh and nationalising everything.

And that will require an extension to the Article 50 process – again – to give Corbyn the time he needs. This would lead to more Brexit uncertainty on top of the certainty that Labour will trash the economy as we know it.

Now, if the Tories just offer a General Election, it would have to be timed for a Thursday (by convention) before Brexit Day, so as to give a potential new anti-Brexit government the time to get an extension to Article 50 and say run a new EU referendum. Or to even just stop Brexit altogether.

But the Remainer MPs also know that Boris, or a Boris Johnson – Nigel Farage Brexit Party combination, could end up with the most MPs. So they will want an Article 50 extension put in place first.

And the Remainers are on the front foot with this one, as to call an early general election in this manner requires a vote of at least two thirds of all the MP seats in the House of Commons.

They could vote that offer of a general election down, but then vote for no confidence in the government to try and set up their own Remain government to by-pass both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

But, as I’ve said before, in my layman’s reading of the debates and amendments to the Fixed Term Parliament Act and the wording within it, I think Boris can just sit there for the two week period and force a post Brexit General Election anyway.

Sadly, the majority of our MPs, it seems, can see absolutely no future for the UK as a self governing and independent nation. All they can see is the supremacy of Brussels and the European Court of Justice (ECJ) eroding us away into a small irrelevant EU colony island. I say no! Enough of that garbage, let’s take back control!





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