Tory Brexit Rebels agree to meet with Jeremy Corbyn!

It seems that at least three Tory Brexit rebel MPs are going to take up the offer made by the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to have a chat about stopping a Boris Johnson no deal Brexit on Hallowe’en.


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I talked about the letter that the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, has sent out to the leaders of the other opposition parties and some of the more pro-EU Tories.

In this letter Corbyn proposed setting up a temporary and time limited government, under Corbyn himself as a caretaker Prime Minister, to get an Article 50 extension and start the process for a General Election.

And now the Guardian reports that the Tory party MPs, Dominic Grieve, Caroline Spelman and Oliver Letwin have agreed to meet with Corbyn for discussions and will be joined by the former Conservative MP Nick Boles.

And replying back to Jeremy Corbyn, they wrote:

“We agree that our common priority should be to work together in parliament to stop a no-deal Brexit and welcome your invitation to discuss the different ways this might be achieved.”

‘Different’ presumably being code for ‘Corbynless’.

The SNP, Plaid and the Greens have also said they will participate in talks about this, but as I said this morning, the Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson, said Corbyn could never achieve the confidence of the house and called his proposal ‘a nonsense’.

She said that Corbyn’s letter was about him and not a serious attempt to stop a no-deal Brexit.

She did put forward the names of Ken Clarke and Harriet Harman as a potential caretaker PM though.

Corbyn has already asked Swinson to reconsider and the Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas, has published a video asking her to think again.

But the former Tory MP and now leader of the damp squib that is Change UK, Anna Soubry, agrees with Swinson saying that she doesn’t view his offer as genuine and that she couldn’t support Corbyn as a caretaker PM anyway. Especially as Corbyn does not seem to want want to deliver what she wants – a second EU referendum.

The longer this goes on the more fractured the team of Remain Disunited appears to get. It seems they can’t agree on what sort of Remain they want. Ah well, I suppose it’ll all be down to the unbiased Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, to show them the way when parliament re-opens.

Now here’s a thought, how about the Tories deselecting him before the next election?

And finally, here is a bit of a ‘why should I care’ moment.

Do you remember the MP for Totnes, Dr Sarah Wollaston, who resigned the Tory whip to go and join the group that became Change UK but changed her mind when it flopped. Well, after a short time as an independent MP she’s decided to follow her former Change UK buddy, Chuka Umunna into the Lib Dem ranks.

Yes I know, I can hear you asking ‘why should I care’?

But the voters of Totnes might well care. 53.7% of them voted for her as a Tory in the 2017 election and only 12.9% of them voted Lib Dem.

And when it comes to Brexit, 54% of the Totnes voters opted for Leave.

So, I see an abrupt end coming to Dr Wollaston’s political career prospects at the next General Election.





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