Over 100 MPs openly side with Brussels!

There is no other way to put this, but over 100 of our elected representatives in the House of Commons have decided to openly take the Brussels side in the Brexit negotiations.

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A letter that is now supported by, I believe, over 100 MPs has been sent to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, demanding that he recall parliament so that it can sit in just about permanent session until Brexit Day.

And we all know exactly what that means, the vast majority of them want to sit in there and plot and scheme, until they have engineered the full reversal of Brexit.

This is not about stopping a no deal Brexit for those people and it never has been.

Anyway, in the letter the signatory MPs say:

“We face a national emergency, and parliament must be recalled now in August and sit permanently until 31 October, so that the voices of the People can be heard, and that there can be proper scrutiny of your government.

“A true democrat should not fear such scrutiny. The question is whether you are one?”

Oh, the hypocrisy!

And the letter also refers to the ‘People’s Parliament’, obviously to try and portray this as a battle between the Boris Johnson government and the people, when in actual fact it is really a battle between parliament and the people, with the government on the side of the people.

And it comes either as a result of, or at the same time as, the ‘leaking’ of the out-dated worst case scenario no-deal planning information in what I believe is the Operation Yellowhammer report from the 4th of September 2018 – a year ago.

Even Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar felt the need to put out a Tweet this morning at 10:32 saying:

“The Sunday Times Yellow Hammer Report is out of date and wrong on Gibraltar.”

And it linked to a document where the Government of Gibraltar starts by saying:

“The reports in today’s Sunday Times about references to Gibraltar in the UK “Yellow Hammer” briefings are out of date and were based on planning for worst case scenarios which the Government of Gibraltar has already dealt with.”

It also says that it does not want to see a no deal scenario, but that it was prepared for it and went on to say:

“We do not expect four hour queues.

“We do not expect any problems with the provision of medicines, the arrival in Gibraltar of foodstuffs and other goods.”

Now the majority of the Remainer MPs behind this push to get the doors to Westminster unlocked, know that their actions will lead to a hardening of attitude in Brussels against coming to any agreement with the UK over Brexit.

And those MPs who have signed up to it that don’t realise this, must be plain stupid.

But for the Remainers these are desperate times and the only ‘national emergency’ is that they will have failed in their task of fully dismantling what is left of this nearly once proud nation.

And Boris made this clear when he accused his own Tory Brexit rebels of ‘gravely damaging’ the national interest.

He said that it was as ‘plain as a pikestaff’ that Brussels Eurocrats would ‘simply not compromise’ and agree a good deal, if Conservative Party MPs openly plotted to stop a no deal Brexit on the 31st of October.

But he, you and I all know that the vast majority of those Remainer MPs know exactly what they are doing in their quest to get Brexit reversed and chain the UK firmly back into the EU dungeon.

But at least the Brexit Secretary has just signed the Commencement Order that I talked about yesterday, for all or part the Withdrawal Act 2018 to give it legal force. That’s a first and welcome step and a Downing Street source said that Theresa May’s failure to do this herself was both ‘alarming’ and ‘surprising’.







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